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Mar 15, 2019

Jerome and Tracey discuss ways to capture great talent in today’s
candidate driven market. “The war for talent is over and the candidates have won,” Jerome shares. “Today is about how you attract talent to your organization with the culture and the value proposition, and how you match that talent to the needs of your business. You are marketing candidates and bringing talent in, rather than, ‘I have a job, who wants to apply?’” Tracey shares that to hire talent in today’s market, recruiters must “have a seat at the table at strategic discussions.” She offers an example of the critical role that finders of talent should be playing within companies. “If I know that we are building new production facilities–I’d like to think I have a voice, there is a talent pool–let’s build the facility there.” To make the best hires, recruiters and hiring managers need to work more closely together. In the interview, Jerome explores how new technology platforms support stronger collaboration through shared data. Instead of a relationship of, “‘Send me the resumes and they better be good ones,’ now you have both people in the system. . . . shoulder to shoulder.” It creates a culture of, “‘We work together. We will be successful together.’” Yet those in talent acquisition too often don’t have the tools and resources they need to be successful. Companies must recognize that digital technology is now fundamental to recruiting.