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Jan 8, 2020

The evolution of the legality of smoking marijuana has kept pace with the other social changes in our society. In today’s episode of You’re Hired we speak with our expert labor lawyer Jim Reidy from Sheehan Phinney and political director for NORML, Justin Strekal. We will explore the current laws and cultural shifts in how the workplace relates to employees who smoke weed.


Jim is a partner with Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green in Manchester New Hampshire where he is the chair of their Labor and Employment Practice Group. Jim represents management in all matters of workplace issues. Most recently he was asked to comment on the workplace impact of changing marijuana laws.


Justin is the Political Director for NORML, where he served as an advocate to end the federal prohibition of marijuana and to reform our nation’s laws to no longer treat pot consumers as second class citizens. Justin works with the Congressional Cannabis Caucus and is a strategist to NORML chapters.


Podcast Hosted by Lorne Epstein

Audio Engineering by Afotey Odai

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