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Feb 20, 2020

One of our most powerful podcasts to date, Juan Reid and Allison Basile share their amazing stories as well as their journey to meeting one another and starting Tightshift Coop, a worker coop of returning citizens and at risk youth. More than just top quality affordable labor services, they provide hope and meaning to their labor force!

Moving and inspirational, this podcast provides perspective on how work can work for everyone! 

Allison Basile believes in the inherent kindness, generosity, and genius in all people, and spends her days creating the spaces that bring those qualities out in others. She co-founded Tightshift Laboring Cooperative, one of Washington DC's only worker-owned cooperative businesses which is comprised primarily of formerly incarcerated people and people who are at risk of going down that path. She helped to start the DC Time Bank, Impact Hub DC, Coop DC, and peer study groups. @allisonbasile

Juan Reid is native Washingtonian who entered the criminal justice system as a boy and spent over 14 years in prison. Upon re-entry into his community, he made a commitment not only to heal himself, but to do everything in his power to better the lives of others. He helped to start Tightshift Laboring Cooperative -- a worker-owned cooperative that offers services such as moving, landscaping and cleaning. The business provides work and healing to its members. Juan believes deeply that unity is crucial for our shared liberation. @tightshift


Podcast Hosted by Lorne Epstein

Audio Engineering by Afotey Odai

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