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Feb 21, 2020

Carol Leaman is the CEO of Axonify and a thought leader with an impressive track record of successfully leading tech companies. She is the brains behind the Axonify Microlearning Platform. Prior to Axonify, Carol was the CEO of PostRank Inc, a social engagement analytics platform she sold to Google. She was also the CEO at several other technology firms, including RSS Solutions and Fakespace Systems. Carol sits on the boards of many organizations and advises a variety of Canadian high-tech firms. Welcome to the show.


What does microlearning mean: “Micro is a methodology that maps to how the brain works, in short bites.” When I asked Leaman the best way for the brain to learn, she said “The brain is good at remembering 4 to 5 new things in one condensed period of time. Brain Attention span is about 11 minutes. The best way to train is to keep it short and convey 4 to 5 new ideas in each session.” She continued to say that “The brain needs a break. We are overwhelmed. The brain is not wired to stay alert and on to work this way.”