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Feb 21, 2020

Pernille Spiers-Lopez was the CEO and President of IKEA North America. She currently serves on both corporate and non-profit boards such as Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles. Homeboy evolved into the largest gang intervention, rehab and re-entry program in the world. She is the co-founder with her daughter of Good Life Designed. Pernille published her book about personal leadership experience and taking responsibility for our own lives titled “Design Your Life.” Follow Pernille on Twitter @PSpiersLopez. Check out her website for information on her coaching and learning programs. 


I asked Pernille how her transition from C level executive to executive coach is going, she said “I love the life I have designed for myself. Pernille said she could not imagine what is happening now 5 years ago and that “We are facing a decade of the unknown, which can be scary and exciting.” And that her focus is to be “comfortable with this unknown.” I asked how she gets comfortable and she said: “Compassion for one another is the way to figure this out.” I asked her what has been men’s roles in the board room, she said “Men on boards and the top management are holding back men. Men are afraid of their own position in power. They think that one woman is a token and two are a conspiracy and three is a breakthrough.” She continued that “CEOs are worried about succession and including more women will mitigate this concern.”


I asked her what were some of the surprises with working with her daughter Sina and she said she knows how to “handle a lot of things and multi-tasks and has an openness to new things, they comprehend more than I did when I was at that age. They learn on their own.”