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Feb 21, 2020

George Zarkadakis leads Willis Towers Watson’s consulting practice in London on the Future of Work and the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace and is a leader in digital innovation on Artificial Intelligence and analytics. For the past twenty-five years, George has been providing leadership in management consulting, media, marketing, and communications, digital strategy and innovation. George holds a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence and is the author of In Our Own Image: will Artificial Intelligence Save Us or Destroy Us. You can follow George on Twitter at 


George said “automation, machines doing what humans do, only better and [using] augmentation as cognitive multipliers, [is] making us superhumans.” George continued saying that “Analytics can now predict the future, add rules and have prescriptive analytics, and tell us what the best actions are to take to have the best results.” 


What questions should HR leaders ask when using AI? “How do you understand data now?” and “How do you create dashboards?” “HR leaders need to understand that data is at the heart of everything. AI is the means to derive value from the data.” 


What steps should HR leaders take? “Start with a real business use case, like culture, people are leaving the company. Start with the business problem. What data do we need and where can we get it? What questions do we want this data to answer? What do I need to solve this problem in a new and innovative way quickly?”


George said that “In the past, it was hard to connect disparate data so it can speak to each other and that predictive analytics allows you to run different scenarios.” His program at Willis Towers Watson is addressing how companies are sharing data. What companies are sharing data? “Some airlines are working with hotels. Companies are working with companies in their supply chain.” George believes that “We are in the age of the humans. AI takes out things from the workplace that are boring and tedious, [AI] takes away many of the tasks to make us more human. How we relate and mentor and lead these are the things that will shape our future.”

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